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Best Public Courses in Minnesota - 2024

By Mason Savage

Last year I created a Golf Course Ranking system that takes into account a variety of categories. The categories are Culture, Place, Quality, Price, Architecture and Value. My goal with creating this ranking system was to be able to systematically and numerically define the best golf course. If you want to read about how the ranking works in more depth you can check it out here.

In conjunction with the creation of this ranking, I ranked the top public courses in the State of Minnesota. After playing some new courses and replaying a couple that were on the list, I want to release an updated list for the 2024 Golf season as to approaches. We will start with number 10 and work our way down to the best course in the state.


Honorable Mention. The Gravel Pit

Who doesn't love a great short course? The Gravel Pit is 13 holes of pure fun and in my opinion should be considered one the best Par 3 Courses in the country. However, due to it only being 13 holes, I decided to keep it off the list but I wanted to at least acknowledge its greatness. To learn more about The Gravel Pit, check out this video here.

10. The Ridges at Sand Creek (New)

The first newcomer on this list, The Ridges at Sand Creek! The Ridges is a Joel Goldstrand design that is located just outside the metro in Jordan, Minnesota. While there are a couple of holes that may be lacking, there are 12 holes that weave and navigate the Sand Creek. It is one of the most unique routings in the state. Check out our full review on the course here.

9. Southern Hills

On the list last year, Southern hills comes in 2 spots lower and it is nothing that they have done, I just played some new courses this year. Southern Hills continues to be a collection of holes that in totality, punch above their weight. The variety of shots required, the rolling terrain and the playability of the course is one of the most enjoyable rounds you can play in the state. If you want to read about Southern Hills in more detail, you can check out the article here.

8. Braemar

Braemar is a shining beacon in what public golf should be. A quality championship golf course, top notch practice facilities, an executive 9 hole course and a clubhouse that has great amenities such as lawn bowling and live music on some nights. To see our full review on Braemar, check out our review here.

7. Stoneridge

Stoneridge is a Bobby Weed design and maybe the course I need to get photographs of the most in the Metro. The landscape is stark which makes for a landscape unique to itself. While the tee shots and greens may look intermediating, the course is still scorable if you are in the right place and hit proper shots. To check out the full review on Stoneridge, you can check it out here.

6. Chaska Town Course

Chaska Town Course is a great collection of golf holes. In addition to boasting some awesome short Par 4s and Par 5 Designs, Chaska Town Course is also the Co-Host of the 2024 US Am along side with Hazeltine. To see the full write up on Chaska Town Course, check it out here.

5. Fox Hollow (New)

Fox Hollow was a treat to get out to this summer. Why this course does not get more attention in the Twin Cities metro area is beyond me. In his book, A Course Called America author Tom Coyne considered Fox Hollow to be one his great surprise in trek across the country. Be sure next summer to head out to Fox Hollow to see why Tom (and I) loves it so much!

4. The Quarry at Giant's Ridge

When people think of the best Public Golf in the State of Minnesota, most people think of the Quarry and for good reason too. The setting for golf combined with the architecture make it one of the best rounds in the state. To learn more about this Northern Minnesota gem, check out the full review here and If you prefer video, we have you covered there as well. Just click here to see the video.

3. Highland National Golf Club

This course last year sparked a ton of debate being included on the list and I am back, doubling down on this take. I am the first to admit that the course could be better but for all things considered (as this ranking system does) it is unfairly criticized in the state and worthy of being this high on the list. To see the whole argument why this course is worthy of being on this list, check out the full dissertation here.

2. Wildflower Golf Course (New)

Wildflower is the most slept on course in the State of Minnesota. This course features some of the most unique terrain in the state and some of Joel Goldstrands best architecture. There is truly no course like this in the state of Minnesota. Consider skipping Brainerd Golf Courses and going up to Detroit Lakes, MN to play Wildflower. To learn more about Wildflower check out our right up here.

  1. Keller Golf Course

Back to back winner of our best Public Courses in Minnesota List, Keller Golf Course. It is truly going to be hard to dethrone this massive giant in the Public Golf Sphere. The combination of the history, the unique architecture and the price is impossible to beat. This is a MUST PLAY if you are in Minnesota! - Check out our full write up here.


What did you think of the list of 2024? Did I miss any courses? Did I have a certain course to high or low? Head over to the contact page on our website and let me know or slide into the DMs on instagram over at @aspoiledwalk. I would love the feedback.

If you enjoyed the ranking or any of the linked content above, please consider sharing this list with a friend as it helps me out but it also helps you and your friends start planning your summer golf rounds. If you have not played any of these 10 courses before, they are absolutely worth planning for next year. Thank you for taking the time to read the ranking and I am already excited to revise this list next year with the new courses I will play this summer.



Apr 05

You need to check our Forest Hills Resort in Detroit Lakes with there new black sand.


Feb 09

Southern Hills on a “Best of” list with Stoneridge pretty much invalidates it

May 14
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What is your "Best of" list?

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