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Rory McIlroy to LIV? What it means for Boston Common Golf & More

By Mason Savage, A Good Walk Spoiled Contributor

On Sunday, City Am reported that it had multiple sources say that Rory McIlroy was close to a deal to join LIV Golf. As part of the deal, McIlroy would get 850 Million Dollars and Ownership stake in LIV Golf. While I am not a reporter and have no inside information about this rumor, I can say, I have seen legitimate journalists from larger publications reject this notation and I have seen troll Social Media accounts that run rampant with rumors and misinformation push this narrative claiming it to be true. With that said, I tend to lean and think that this just a thirsty publication looking for some website traffic.

Aside from the quotes Rory has said in the past about LIV, leaving for LIV would be career suicide for Rory. Not only would he have to eat crow on everything he has ever said about LIV but he would essentially be putting a bullet in his chances of ever completing the Grand Slam. Rory's World Ranking is, for simplicity sake, the only thing keeping him in these major fields. By going to LIV, his Ranking would plummet until he is no longer in the Majors and evaporates into the abyss that is LIV. Not to mention, Boston Common (if you know, you know) has already suffered a giant loss in Tyrell Hatton and if Rory left, it would damage this historic franchise beyond repair. So combine all of these things with legitimate journalists having their hesitations and I think this is not a true rumor.

Regardless of what happens or not, it is extremely unfortunate for the game that I love to return to this stupid song and dance just one day removed from the best tournament in the world, The Masters. Golf for the last 3 years has been driving its fans and viewers away as its athletes chase their own selfish ambitions and money. Every metric (such as popularity, TV ratings and sponsorship cooperation) would tell you that Golfers are not worth what they think they are worth which leads into this downward spiral with no end. The PGA Tour has sponsors jumping ship, LIV generates zero revenue and despite this, Golfer's are still at war with each to try and increase their purse. We the fans are the ultimate losers. We just want the best players playing against each other and we do not get that.

The longer this drama continues, the more I find myself caring less and less about professional golf. While it is unfortunate, it is not the end of the world. Golf is so much more than the Professional Game. It is a game that has so many facets and that is what I choose to spend my time and energy on. Improving my own game, playing with friends, and checking out new courses are just a few of the reasons I love this game. That is something that Rory, and any professional golfer for that matter, cannot change for me.


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