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AGWS - 5 - A Trip to the Desert (PT I)

As much as I like living in Minnesota, the winters tend to be brutal. The lashing cold, the constant need for a cup of tea or coffee to warm up, shoveling the driveway and most importantly the lack of golf, are all bummers of the snow. Despite Minnesota’s rooted identity in the cold, my wife and I were delighted when we took off last week for our planned vacation to Arizona. We were fantasizing about overdosing on vitamin D, playing golf and relaxing by the pool. It wasn’t but one day we realized these dreams of a warm vacation were off of the table. We were battling record low temperatures and in fact, one day that we were there, it was actually warmer back home in Minnesota.

Despite these freezing temperatures, we still made the most out of our vacation. The trip was broken into 3 different legs. Our first leg was in Green Valley. If you have never heard of Green Valley that is because you are probably a millennial. 30 minutes above the Mexico Border, Green Valley is a senior living town that requires all tenants and residents buying land to be older than 55 years old. We were visiting Green Valley because my wife has family down there. Her family was nothing but gracious to us giving us a place to stay, making us hand squeezed Orange Juice every morning and even throwing one of the best Super Bowl Parties my wife and I have ever been too (old people know how to party). During the day I golfed with my Wife’s uncle (covered in a future blog).

The next leg of our trip was a personal one between my wife and I. No family, just us and exploring the greater Phoenix Area. We drove by Ping Golf Headquarters (I recently applied to some jobs there) to check it out as well as adventuring through all of the shops and restaurants of Scottsdale. The highlight of this part of the trip for me was walking around the Botanical Garden. It was this day that the weather started to get warmer and it was cool to walk around some scenic trails with my wife. Big shoutout to my wife because it was also during this walk around the garden that I learned my favorite sports team, The Minnesota Timberwolves, just acquired DeAngelo Russell. It was an exciting time and I may have spent a little too much time texting about it that day.

The final portion of the trip was spent in an upscale suburb of Phoenix called Fountain Hills where we stayed with my Grandpa and his girlfriend. It was an amazing house with a beautiful view of the mountains. We were treated to lovely rounds of golf (covered in a future blog), lounging by the pool and elegant dinners. They even took my wife and I to a local play which was surprisingly one of the highlights of the trip.

Overall, it was a good, much needed vacation for my wife and I. It is hard to go back to work and more importantly, the wasteland that is winter. This blog was a little more personal and less about golf, but I wanted to explain my prolonged absence by debriefing the trip. This post is the first of 4 in my Arizona Series.


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