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2023 Gift Guide for Golfers

By Mason Savage, A Good Walk Spoiled Contributor

It is Thanksgiving week which means it is pretty much Black Friday which means that the Holiday season is upon us which means you need to start shopping which means (*inhales*) you need to find a gift for that Golfer in your life. I thought I would compile a great list of some items for the golfer in your life. There are lots of Holiday Gift Guides but I hope that these ideas and brands may catch you off guard (in a good way) to not only give that golfer in your life a great gift but one they did not expect. You will notice in the links to this article that there is only one Amazon Link, all of the other links go directly to the websites of the makers of these products. There is no affiliate marketing shenanigans going on. These are just great products and gift ideas so please go show these companys some love! Without further adieu, here is the A Good Walk Spoiled 2023 Gift Guide for Golfers.

Out of Bounds is a candle company that offers scents inspired by experiences both on and off the golf course. These Hand poured candles are 100% Natural Soy wax and are a great gift for any golfer. Especially for one looking to freshen up the scent of their "Golf-ice".

You can check out Out of Bounds Candle Company Here.

Jones offers fantastic gear in a sporty and atheltic aestitic. Specifcally, their golf bags are elite. We have made a video reviewing this golf bag to see if it is something you should pick up for the Golfer in your life.

You can check out Jones Golf Carry Bags Here.

Vice Golf Balls offer great quality balls at an affordable price. They offer unique colors, styles and affordable Customization on golf balls. So go ahead, throw an embarassing photo or an inside joke on that ball and make it a personal gift.

You can check out Vice Golf Balls Here.

Golf Books

There have been some great golf books that have come out in the last year. The first book I want to highlight is Golf Course Architecture for Normal People by Geoff Shackelford. This book is a quick read and a great way to take a complex subject and break it down to the simple components. Cannot recommend this book enough.

The other book is The Golf Courses of Seth Raynor by Micheal Wolf, Jim Sitar and Jon Cavalier. This book acts a historical account of the designs that Golden Age architect Seth Raynor got to lay out. Note: I may be bias as I had the honor to have my photos featured in the book but that is besides the point. This book is fantastic and it looks handsome on a coffee table.

This may seem like a weird one, an article of clothing from a running company? Tracksmith is not just any running company, all of their garments have a story and purpose in their design. The Brighton Base Layer is designed to provide lots of warmth (Merino Wool) in a thin underlayer package. It is perfect for slipping under your golf outwear for those chilly rounds. If it performs well for runners, you best believe it performs well for golfers. This is easily one of my favorite pieces I have ever golfed in.

You can check out the Tracksmith Brighton Base Layer Here.

Golfers tend to love the finer things in life so why should their love for Coffee be any different? Additionally, is there anything better than teeing off at sunrise with a warm cup of Joe in hand? I do not think so! SK Coffee is a small Roaster in Saint Paul Minnesota that offers some of the finest roasts I have ever had. They offer a coffee subsciption and also ship orders out across the country so do not wait and get your orders in today.

You can check out SK Coffee Here.

Golfer's love to express themselves. Whether it be through their play, their outfit, clubs or accessories, expressing ones self through golf is important and has lots of different avenues to do so. One overlooked way is getting a unique glove. If you are looking for a unique Glove, look no further than North Coast Golf Co. They offer unique colorways, cool designs and unique logos on gloves to had flair to any golfer.

You can check out North Coast Golf Co Here.


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